Winslow Basket / Medium


Winslow Basket / Medium


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Made from jumbo cane, this handsome heavy duty Winslow baskets are able to swallow any storage challenge throughout the home or garden. A future classic.

Wicka work in partnership with talented fair trade artisans from around the world, preserving time honoured traditional techniques passed down through generations. This item is handcrafted in Indonesia and is made from Kubu rattan, a sustainable species of cane that grows abundantly and wild in many areas of South East Asia. After harvesting, it is sun dried and then soaked in a natural water bath, which makes it pliable for weaving and produces the distinctive, warm colour.

Overall length 45cm
Base length 42cm
Depth 45cm
Height 44cm
Height with handles 52cm
Weight 2.4kg

Please note, due to the size of this item, it is only available for instore pickup.



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