Travel Tin Candle

Travel Tin Candle / Clove & Jasmine


Travel Tin Candle / Clove & Jasmine



Hand poured using eco-friendly soy waxes and infused with 100% bespoke pure essential oil blends, this beautiful candle from Grampians Goods Co is for people who seek a sophisticated and luxe aroma.

Available in six intoxicating scents.

Clove & Jasmine: The spicy, warm scent of clove accentuates the sweetness of the seductive jasmine. This powerful combination will get you out of your head and into your body, enhancing your physical awareness.

Grapefruit & Geranium: The fresh and exotic aroma of grapefruit meets the bracing floral tones of geranium. This best-seller oil blend promotes clarity, emotional stability, and openness.

Lemon & Basil: Experience the energising duality of strong citrus and balancing basil. A must-have essential oil that revitalises the body and “wakes up” the mind. The bright, clean aroma purifies the atmosphere and subtly blends with the scents of your home.

Roman Chamomile & Lavandin: The rich, fruity drops of Roman chamomile long hailed as an antidote to stress, easing feelings of anxiety and irritability accompanied by the cool, ethereal French lavandin which promotes feelings of hope, boosts mental strength and combats negative thoughts. This staple essential oil blend will help you calm your mind and repose.

Siberian Fir & Cedarwood: Tantalising and penetrating, a refreshing alloy of earthy and warm notes. It’s a blend that grounds your inner self and brings out your assertiveness. Like the rugged yet majestic Grampians, the resinous, forest-like scent of this essential oil blend will provide “yang”, masculine energy for you to draw strength and courage from. It stabilises and cools your emotions – and it has a strong “kick” that will improve your mood!

Sweet Orange & Palmarosa: Imagine the scent of a freshly peeled orange, combined with the rejuvenating sweet, floral essence of palmarosa. Our curated essential oil blend aims to bring harmony and tranquility to your space and help you release your mental blocks.

130g / approximately 30 hours burn time.

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Grampians Goods Co

Grampians Goods Co create and curate a natural lifestyle product collection that goes beyond simple utility. Inspired by the rugged grandeur of the Grampians region—the landscape and cultivated surrounds—they bridge the gap between your need for nurturing and your adventure spirit. Snuggle up with their recycled wool Scottish clan tartan blankets, be transported when when you light one of their synthetic fragrance-free aromatherapy candles — and share these goods with your loved ones!

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