The Shorty / Ocean


The Shorty / Ocean


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The Shorty to the Right locker makes itself at home tucked neatly next to your desk, snuggled up next to your lounge or sitting beside your bed. Our petite little locker might be small but there is loads of room inside.

The door opens to the right. They are also available in left opening door – just get in touch and we can order one in for you. 

Inside –Two adjustable shelves, one handy hook, cable hole, wall attachment points.

Outside – Handle, lock, custom keyring, Mustard logo, air vents.

Measurements – Height 72cm, Width 35cm, Depth 46cm


Mustard Made

Check out the latest designs of MUSTARD MADE at Woodend General. Woodend General is a carefully curated lifestyle store with a strong focus on high quality, functional and ethically made goods for the Home, Garden and Family.

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