Slow: Embracing the Joy of a Slower, Simpler Life


Slow: Embracing the Joy of a Slower, Simpler Life



Slow: Embracing the Joy of a Slower, Simpler Life is your beautiful guide to the ideas of slow living from acclaimed illustrator and author Meredith Gaston Masnata.
Feelings of dissatisfaction and stress are understandable when we live our lives on fast forward, while quietly yearning for more peace and meaning. Slowing down in our bustling modern world can help to address anxiety, weariness and feeling overwhelmed. It is a necessary medicine for every living being – to health, healing and contentedness.
In Slow, Meredith shows us that now is the time to relish the sweetness of life, not when everything is done, or when time permits. Each chapter in this gorgeously illustrated book explores how slow living can create a more meaningful life that has connection, joy and beauty, empowering us to ultimately slow down and appreciate what we have.
By living our lives more slowly, we grow to understand what matters most to us – we become mindful of what we are really striving for in this life.

Published April 2024


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