Mon Petit Pommier 20 Piece Reversible Puzzle


Mon Petit Pommier 20 Piece Reversible Puzzle


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In spring, our apple tree welcomes a family of squirrels, a nest full of small birds, playful owls and a mischievous cat. Underground mice, rabbits and moles hide inside their burrows. In autumn we have already harvested the sweet apples, discover what our friends are doing until the good weather returns!

On one side we find spring and on the other autumn. Once the tree (10 pieces) is assembled, the child will be able to fit the other pieces into the tree (10 pieces). They willl become familiar with the concepts of changing seasons and forest animals. The pieces are very large, designed for small hands.

A reversible and connecting puzzle with a tree as the focus. See how nature changes from summer to winter! A puzzle with big pieces for little hands.

Composition FSC paper and recycled cardboard
Illustration Txell Darné
Size 40 x 67 cm
Box dimensions 30,8×20,2×8 cm
Made in Barcelona
Ages 3-6 years



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