Woodend Lemon Myrtle Candle


Woodend Lemon Myrtle Candle



The Woods Candle Co candles are hand poured in Woodend. Made by Natalie with 100% natural soy wax this candle envokes the fresh scent of Lemon Myrtle bush in your home.

Crafted in Woodend, these scented candles are hand poured in a matte finished jar and come with a lid.

Made from 100% natural soy wax.
Burn time of 60 hours. 

Care information:

To prevent fire/serious injury, always burn your candle within sight and out of reach of children. Keep away from drafts and vibrations and never burn candles on or near anything flammable.

  • Burning your candle for 2-4 hours, or until the wax has melted all the way to the glass, will help prevent an uneven burn and will imprint the candle memory.
  • Only burn your candle for up to 4 hours at a time.
  • Exposure to sunlight or heat sources can cause your candles to lose their scent or colour, so keep away from direct sunlight.
  • It is common for natural soy wax to sometimes change in colour or develop a frosty-looking layer over time. Don’t worry, this won’t affect the candle’s scent.
  • Allow the candle to cool before relighting and also before cutting the ball at the end of the wick.
  • Keep the wick trimmed to approx. 7mm to ensure your candle is burning gently. If the wick is too long, your candle may burn faster and emit smoke. Similarly, the candle may not burn as effectively if the wick is too short. 


The Woods Candle Co

The Woods Candle Co candles are hand poured in Woodend. Made by Natalie in her home studio with 100% natural soy wax each candle comes in a matt finished jar with a lid. The perfect local gift from the Macedon Ranges.

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