Holdie Circus Folk / Samson the Strongman


Holdie Circus Folk / Samson the Strongman



Why You’ll Love It:

Meet Samson the Strongman, the gentle giant of the Holdie™ Circus! With biceps that rival mountains and a heart as strong as his grip, Samson is the muscle-bound marvel that steals the spotlight in every performance. Samson’s motto is: lift heavy, laugh often, and always lend a helping hand! Each Holdie Folk is posable and comes dressed in a removable outfit, perfect for imaginative play. These tiny folk are handmade, making each one unique and special. Samson the Strongman is a special edition, rare, and collectible toy – a must-have for any kids circus toys collection. Collect all of the Holdie Circus Folk to create your very own magical circus world!


Product Information:

·      Samson the Strongman has bulging biceps and is carrying a dumbbell.

·      Material includes cotton fabric, elastic, wool, embroidery thread, and polyfill.

·      Internal frame allows each Holdie Folk to be fully posable.

·      All clothing is removable and made from cotton and polyester.

·      All Holdie Folk are handmade, so some variation may occur.

·      Comes packaged in a collectable box.

·      Supervision is recommended at all times. Give treasured toys the attention they deserve with regular check-ups for well-loved wear & tear. Always adhere to SIDS safe sleeping guidelines.

·      Age recommendation: 3+

What’s Included:

·      Samson the Strongman has bulging biceps and is carrying fixed dumbbells. He is wearing fully removable striped posing trunks and has an embroidered moustache.

Dimensions & Weight:

·      Dimensions Packaged: L 4 x W 6.4 x H 13.2 cm.

·      Dimensions Doll: L 5 x W 7.4 x H 13 cm.

·      Weight: 0.06 kg.

Makers & Materials:

·      Designed in Australia, manufactured in China.

Product Care:

·      Cold gentle hand wash.

·      Do not bleach, soak or rub.

·      Dry without delay.

·      Do not tumble dry.

·      Do not iron.

·      Do not dry clean.


Olli Ella

Born in London in 2010 with a kids décor range, Olli Ella has grown to become a global lifestyle brand. Co-founded by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman, Olli Ella draws inspiration from the sisters’ nomadic childhoods spent traveling and their own broods. Olli Ella uses natural materials, sourced sustainably, and has a strong focus on craftsmanship and ethical production.

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