Galvanised Trug

Sophie Conran Galvanised Trug


Sophie Conran Galvanised Trug



This attractive metal trug is handmade giving each piece its own character. It’s made from galvanised steel with a waxed beechwood handle. 

A handy item to have in your shed to keep all your gardening tools together. Can also be used for outdoor dining and picnics, to carry your cutlery and serviettes etc. 

Measures 21cm wide x 33cm long x 13.5cm deep.



Burgon & Ball

Burgon & Ball have been making shears in Sheffield, England, since 1730. After so many years of advancement in developing superior tools they are the leading choice for generations of horticulturalists. In 2012 Burgon & Ball stainless tools were officially endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society proving they know a thing or two about making the finest gardening tools. Our favourites are the wire harvest baskets, traditional garden trug and gorgeous indoor watering can!

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