Essential Oil Pure Blend - Triple Pack


Essential Oil Pure Blend – Triple Pack


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A trio of pure essential oil blends to relax, calm and uplift your mood.  

Containing 3 x 10ml pure blends – “Clear”, “Serene” and “Sleepy” in one stunning tube.

A perfect gift, or for your own self care – you deserve it.

Essential Oil Pure Blend 10ml – Clear
Our “Clear” Blend assists in keeping you focussed, alert and uplifted.  Recommended use: at the start of the day, or when concentration is needed.

Pink Grapefruit – clarity, uplifting, anti-depressant
Lemon Myrtle – uplifting, calming, anti-anxiety    
Rosemary – stimulating, assists in memory retention and staying focussed
Vetiver – anti-anxiety, calming, anti-depressant, uplifting
Peppermint – enhances alertness and stamina, assists in easing tension headaches


Essential Oil Pure Blend 10ml – Serene
Our “Serene” blend is recommended when feeling overwhelmed and in need of grounding.  Take some time out to inhale the pure essential oils with these wonderfully uplifting and calming benefits…

Orange – uplifting, stress reducing
Clary Sage – calming, anxiety reducing
Rose Geranium – anti-depressant, calming, balancing
Bergamot – anti-depressant, calming, anti-stress


Essential Oil Pure Blend 10ml – Sleepy
Our “Sleepy” blend will assist in encouraging a restful night’s sleep.  Helping to calm and soothe your mind, it’s the perfect ritual to help you drift off for that deliciously restorative slumber.  

Lavender – calming, anti-depressant, sleep inducing
Cedarwood – anxiety reducing, anti-stress
Bergamot – anti-depressant, calming, anti-stress
Chamomile – calming, anti-inflammatory, sleep inducing
Ylang Ylang – anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, sleep inducing, balancing


Ena Products

Ena Products are made from eco friendly, high quality botanicals and genuine essential oils. Containing no nasty chemicals they are gentle on your skin and the environment. Their products are made in Australia and are not tested on animals.
Ena Hand & Body Lotion

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