Eau de Parfum 30ml / Twig & Blossom

Eau de Parfum 30ml / Twig & Blossom


Eau de Parfum 30ml / Twig & Blossom



This gorgeous botanical perfume is handcrafted by Mimosa Botanicals in Castlemaine, Victoria.

A parfum inspired by autumn wanderings.

Top note: petitgrain twigs, sweet lime peel, fresh tinctured cardamom pods.

Heart note: linden blossom.

Base note: cedarwood atlas, cypress, Australian sandalwood, smoked birch, black spruce, vetiver root.

Hand blended into alcohol derived from sugar cane using pure essential oils, absolutes & organic hand picked local roses.

Strength: eau de parfum.


Small batch, pure plant based.

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Mimosa Botanicals

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