Deliciously Healthy Pregnancy


Deliciously Healthy Pregnancy


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Backed by science and packed with tasty recipes, this is an accessible nutritional guide to help you enjoy a healthy, happy pregnancy Explore the science behind your nutritional needs and the impact that your diet can have on pregnancy. With practical advice from Rhiannon Lambert, a leading nutritionist and Sunday Times bestselling author of The Science of Nutrition, this book helps you prepare for each stage of pregnancy. Split into two sections, the book starts by breaking down the science behind the advice, exploring the stages of pregnancy and being a new mum, with infographics illustrating the changes to the body, your lifestyle, and diet for mother and baby. Following on from the theory, the second half of the book is the practical side with over 80 flavour-packed recipes. Recognizing the vacuum of readily available nutritional information to guide people through pregnancy, Deliciously Healthy Pregnancy is the myth-busting antidote to a grey area, previously regarded as taboo. While accepting there’s no “right way” for everyone, Rhiannon’s practice is based on the latest scientific research, and backed up with practical advice, tips, and recipes to inspire.

Published August 2022

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