Ceramic Easter Egg Decoration / Bluegum


Ceramic Easter Egg Decoration / Bluegum



Add a truly special touch to your Easter table setting with these handmade ceramic Easter egg decorations. Handmade from Australian clay and finished by hand using our favourite glazes. Use to create a beautiful centre display on your Easter table or side cabinet. Tuck in some moss, foraged foliage or beautiful feathers to complete your display!

The eggs have been created using a technique called slipcasting, where they are poured using liquid clay from an original plaster mould. There is a small hole in the base of the egg where the slip was poured out.

Small Bluegum ~ approx. 5.5cm


Kim Wallace Ceramics

Kim Wallace Ceramics is a boutique ceramics studio based in Noosa, Queensland that creates handcrafted ceramics for beautiful living. All their pieces are made in-house and by hand using clays sourced from the Australian landscape. They fire to the highest stoneware temperatures with food-safe glazes to ensure the most durable, functional products possible.
Handmade Oil Burner / Oatmeal & Quail

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