The Great Southern Reef


The Great Southern Reef



Have you heard of the Great Southern Reef?

Join Professor Seaweed and her friends Frankie and Sam to learn more about one of Australia’s best kept secrets!

The Great Southern Reef spans thousands of kilometres along the coast from northern New South Wales to Western Australia. It is home to giant kelp forests and fascinating animals such as rock lobsters, sea snails and sponges. Explore the sandy beaches with this inquisitive trio, and discover marine curiosities that are washed up along the coast after a big storm.

You may be inspired to go beachcombing yourself, to learn and care about the animals and seaweed that you find!

Hardback Picturebook
Published May 2022


Hardie Grant

Hardie Grant are the exclusive distributors of Australia’s leading independent publisher, Hardie Grant Publishing. They offer a wide range of quality books covering fashion, design, interiors, gift, pop culture, food and drink, children’s, novelty, travel and more.

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