The Bearwood Brook One Gallon


The Bearwood Brook One Gallon


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The Bearwood Brook One Gallon (4.5L) watering can is designed in the same ultimate iconic style as John Haws’ first patented can in 1886.

The 1 Gallon (4.5L) can is supplied with a brass rose, creating a fine spray for general and more specific watering purposes and is made from heavy gauge metal.

Manufactured in the UK.

All Haws outdoor metal cans are guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturing defect.



At the world's oldest watering can company, founded in 1886, their story is a tale of innovation and determination, and a dedication to quality that's as enduring as their reputation. Haws comes from the founder, John Haws, the inventor of the watering can design that they still produce, virtually unchanged to this day.

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