Paul Bangay's Guide To Plants

Paul Bangay's Guide To Plants


Paul Bangay's Guide To Plants


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Paul Bangay’s practical and bestselling guide to plants, now expanded and updated for its tenth anniversary edition featuring two new chapters and almost 30 new plants.

Gardens designed by Paul Bangay are renowned for their elegant proportions, careful use of materials and inspired choice of plants. In one garden, precise box hedging will frame billowing beds of perennials; while in another, olive trees emerge from an undergrowth of rosemary against a dramatic coastal landscape.

This comprehensive and informative guide is the perfect companion to Paul Bangay’s Garden Design Handbook, which revealed Paul’s insights into successful garden design and construction, and answers the question- what do I plant and where? Rich with anecdotes about what has worked best over the years, and with a special focus on plants for our changing climate, the collection showcases Paul’s A-list plants with photography from the best in the business, Simon Griffiths.

Whether you’re creating a garden for an inner-city courtyard or a rambling rural estate, this book contains the practical advice readers need to give their own patch of green the Paul Bangay look.

Published August 2021


Paul Bangay

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